What is Data Analytics as a Service?

Introduction Data Analytics is very diverse in the solutions it offers. It covers a range of activities that add value to businesses. It has secured a foothold in every industry that ever existed. Eventually carving a niche for itself known as Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) DAaaS is an operating model platform where a service […]

Internet Of Things-Few Insightful Facts

Introduction The internet has revolutionized our modern society. It has simplified everything that we do. It has brought us all the good things of the world at our fingertips. There has been a wave of internet transformation lately. The traditional internet has evolved into the Internet of Things(IoT) by convergence into diversified technologies. This evolution […]

Examples of Internet of Things

Introduction The application of the Internet of Things (IoT) is widely spread in all walks of our life. It creates an ecosystem where everything is connected and controlled using an application. This connectedness and remote control simplify and make our lives better. The basic idea behind the concept of the Internet of Things is already […]

Statistical Process Monitoring

Statistical Process Monitoring of Critical Attributes

INTRODUCTION Statistical Process Monitoring is useful to verify that the critical quality attributes are strictly controlled within the specified limits. Statistical control charts, process capability analysis, etc. are the most commonly used tools for process monitoring, root cause analysis, and process improvements required in CPV. In this article, we will be focusing on the statistical […]

Computational Techniques in Medicine

Computational Techniques in Medicine

What are Computational Techniques? Computational Techniques are quick, easy, reliable, and efficient methods for solving mathematical, scientific, engineering, geometrical, geographical, and statistical problems. These techniques invariably utilize computers, and hence the name. They are specifically, steps or algorithm-based execution for achieving a solution to the problems. In other words, computational Techniques deliver solutions using mathematical […]

covid19 vaccines

Covid19 Vaccines: Safety And Efficacy

Introduction Today everybody is interested to know about the safety and efficacy of the Covid19 vaccines. People want to know more about several vaccine options and the best vaccine that will protect them against Covid19. To answer these and many other questions, in this article, we describe basic science and working Principle behind the Covid19 […]

Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Introduction to Predictive Analytics in Health Care Predictive analytics in Healthcare has had a huge impact on the healthcare system and finds a great many applications driving innovations related to patient care. The purpose of this blog is to apprise you of the wonders predictive analytics is doing in the patient-care. “Predictive analytics is a […]