Our Clients

It is critical for businesses to reduce operational costs, and energy consumption to stay sustainable amidst current geopolitical crises across the world. That is the reason why all types of businesses are seeking digital transformation partnerships with us to provide data intelligence solutions and business-critical subject matter expertise.

We have a diverse clientele Coming From Following Industries

Pharma-Life Sciences




Drug discovery

Quality by Design

Process Analytical Technology

Food & Beverages

Stability Predictiction

Presence of adultrants

Sensory predictions

supply chain management

Prediction of nutritional value

microbial contamination

natural source determination


seed quality

crop yield

harvesting time

crop quality

soil quality


Prediction of mixture properties

Prediction of Material Quality Attributes

Process optimization

material characterization

process modeling

Earth & Space

Evidence of the presence of water

Mineral composition of rocks

Business Intelligence

Marketing insights

Sentiment analysis

Supply chain insights