covid19 vaccines

Covid19 Vaccines: Safety And Efficacy

Introduction Today everybody is interested to know about the safety and efficacy of the Covid19 vaccines. People want to know more about several vaccine options and the best vaccine that will protect them against Covid19. To answer these and many other questions, in this article, we describe basic science and working Principle behind the Covid19 […]

Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Introduction to Predictive Analytics in Health Care Predictive analytics in Healthcare has had a huge impact on the healthcare system and finds a great many applications driving innovations related to patient care. The purpose of this blog is to apprise you of the wonders predictive analytics is doing in the patient-care. “Predictive analytics is a […]

Chemometrics and How to Use It?

Introduction “Chemometrics” is a combination of two words “chemo” and “metrics” which signifies the application of computational tools to Chemical Sciences. Coined by a Swedish Scientist, Svante Wold, in 1972. Later in 1974, Svante Wold and Bruce Kowalski founded the International Chemometrics Society (ICS). ICS describes chemometrics as the chemical discipline that uses mathematical and […]

ISPE Pharma 4.0

Pharma 4.0: ISPE’s Vision for Operating Model

Introduction ISPE stands for International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering, founded by a group of experts to discuss new challenges faced in pharmaceutical manufacturing. ISPE is a non-profit organization that provides technical and non-technical leadership for managing the life cycle of pharmaceutical products. In 2017, SIG (Special Information Group) was appointed to create a roadmap to […]

Demystifying Data Science Terms

Data Science: Demystifying the Terminologies

Data Science related terminologies are buzzing around the internet. It marks the onset of the Industry 4.0 revolution. Data Science is a discipline that studies big data, uses modern tools and techniques for data mining and data analysis to find its applications across a wide variety of domains. For example, Google AI retinal scan collected retinal images from thousands of patients across South India. Finally, it analyzed the data to get information about the patients’ disposition to cardiovascular diseases in the next five years.

Predictive Analytics in Cancer Diagnosis

Predictive Analytics in Cancer Diagnosis

The alarming and constantly rising cancer cases have refocused the attention of medical scientists on the early screening and diagnosis of cancers. The cancer mortality and morbidity can be reduced by early detection. Read this post to understand how Predictive Analytics empowered by AI/ML is playing an important role in cancer diagnosis.

Predictive Data Science in Food and Beverages

Predictive Data Science in Food and Beverages

Since the consumer is the key, organizations need to make decisions revolving around the consumers’ tastes. Data science enables businesses to derive conclusions about which option will be best suited for the consumers. It allows organizations to collect and analyse data and derive at interesting patterns and trends over a period of time.