We are looking for freelance consulting partners for various business needs at Let’s Excel Analytics Solutions LLP. We are open to work with employed, non-employed individuals as well as business entities. Some of our frequent business needs are enlisted below. If you like any of these roles and are interested to work with us, then please send in your details to us by filling up this form.

Application Scientists:
You are a perfect fit for this role, if you love to explore insights from scientific datasets. A consultant partner for application scientist position is required to do extensive literature survey to find out interesting data resources for data-mining approaches. He/She is also required to formulate various hypotheses to draw meaningful insights from the data. The work requires excellent writing, communicating and presentation skills. Application Scientists are expected to work closely with Coding Partners as well as Mathematics & Statistics Experts. Typically, an application scientist is preferred to be a Ph.D but we are also open to consider undergrads and postgrads with strong research acumen and proven track record of getting things done. Occasionally, Application Scientists are expected to participate in writing grant applications and most certainly required to make presentations for business development and marketing activities.

Business Development Partners:
Are you a consultant to Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Biotech, Medical Devices, Agricultural, Petrochemical, Space and Defense industry? Know that our solutions can solve your clients problem? Or perhaps know that we can develop a solution to solve your clients’ problem then feel free to reach out to us. We are also open to work with individuals/firms specialized in sales of modeling and simulations software, statistical software or chemometric software. The business development partners are expected to constantly hunt for new business opportunities and assist in marketing and promotion activities.

Graphic Designers:
Someone with great graphic designing skills.

Content Writers:
Like to write about chemometrics, QbD, Six Sigma, Statistics, Data Science, Internet of things and latest scientific advances? Then do reach out to us, we like to publish about these topics on our blog post. A know how of WordPress and SEO is desirable.

Mathematics and Statistics Experts:
We look forward to collaborate with statistical experts who can evaluate our software solutions and recommend corrections/improvements. The statistical expert is expected to work closely with application scientist and Coding Partners.

Coding Partners:
Is R your preferred coding language and you love to develop shiny based applications? Then feel free to connect with us as our coding partners. The Coding Partners are expected to work closely with Application Scientists as well as Mathematics & Statistics Expert.

Project Managers:
We are looking for expert coordinators skilled in Agile and Scrum methodology. Project managers are expected to have a know how of Jira.

We like to train fresh talent and offer paid/ un-paid internships time to time.